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PC: Metroliner paperweights and coins

Hey all,

In an attempt to steer us back on topic....

I got to thinking the other day while checking my eBay auctions. It
seems like every week, somebody is selling one of those Metroliner
paperweights or Metroliner coins. I have one of each, and I'm sure
some of you on the list also have one or both of these in your

Does anyone know how many of these items were produced by Penn Central?
Obviously (except for the three gold Metroliner coins that were
produced), they're not rare by any means. But it seems like PC must have
made gobs of these items for them if every week at least one of each
seems to show up on eBay. Also, who did PC hand these items out to?
Patrons of the train? Government or railroad officials? Just wondering...

As an aside, the PCRRHS is now online at http://www.pcrrhs.org/


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