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Re: PC: PC C424 2415

Just some things to think about and consider when thinking of restoring 1 to 
1 rr equiptment. The cost of buying it is not the problem getting it where 
you want it and protecting it when it's there is the long term problem. The 
2415 had thin wheels when it left the GB&W ,  it was in great mechanical 
shape otherwise. A good friend of mine and business partner inspected the 
loco when it was offered up for sale. We made an offer for the unit but 
didn't get it. It was then sold to the shortline down south where they ran it 
literally into the ground. It needs four new axle /wheelsets to be 
interchanged along with some brake work and probably a COTS ( clean oil test 
and stencil )  If you get it that far now you need a place to store it. These 
are hard to come by and are usually in some not so safe places. Old 
locomotives attract kids with rocks and curiosity to see what's inside and 
they will break whatever they need to get inside and satisfy this curiosity. 
Then there are the railfans who will steal anything not welded on . My friend 
and I own four units so this comes from experience not hearsay. It's great to 
save loco's from the scrap yard but be prepared for all the problems that 
come with it. ------   Ken McCorry
Preservation Inc. 

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