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PC: PCRRHS equipment preservation

A couple of issues come to mind - 

1) Expense to acquire. Even if the loco/caboose/other rolling stock is free
moving it will not be cheap. In the case HH660 trucks would have to be leased
installed, uninstalled and returned. Where ever it it sits insurance will be
involved - liability insurance can not be cheap.

2) Who works on it. Then the issue of who restores it - if it sits at museum 3-4
states away how often can we get people to it to work on it? how many people
want to get involved in the dirty work of repainting/restoring equipment. I have
been working on a N-5C for a local village. It is rewarding but difficult work.
The last thing we want to do is add another piece of rolling stock to a museum
or groups line of rusting equipment. The lines are too long now.

While I understand the desire to preserve PC items, I would be very nervous
about the Society doing so this early. It could become a money pit very fast.

If we are going to preserve large items I feel there are enough PC items out
there to pursue without grabbing non PC items. 

Do other historical societies own equipment? I think most of it is NRHS chapters
or Museums doing the preservation. The CR reefer is an exception that comes to mind.

On the other side - now ( or very soon ) is the time to preserve items. Perhaps
a partnership with a museum or NRHS chapter could be arranged. 

Perhaps there are members with deep pockets willing to fund this.

While I am skeptical we can do this at this time, ( and I think most trustees
would be too ), I would be willing to form a committee to explore the issues,
costs and other factors related to this. This committee would NOT be looking at
any specific rolling stock or building but rather all the related issues (
funding, acquiring, moving, insuring, restoring, staffing, locations, etc. ) so
we could go into such a project prepared. IF the Board of Trustees choose to. 

If any PCRRHS member is interested in chairing such a committee or if any member
is interested in serving on such a committee please contact me  OFF LIST  at 
hebnerj -AT- clark.cc.oh.us 

I will post a similar call for committee members in the next issue of the PCRRHS
POST ( which should be mailed in November )

We may choose never to preserve any rolling stock or buildings but can not
preserve anything if we are not prepared.

Jim Hebner
Penn Central Railroad Historical Society

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