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Re: PC: PC C424 2415

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Steve Vargo wrote:

>I agree, the C-424 is an important find and should be pursued if >possible.
>thing better that I can think of would be the 636 :)

>Obviously the first order of business before we can even think about
>being able to preserve equipment is to secure some type of agreement with a
>stable organization which has some sort of connection to an active railroad
>could store our equipment for us until we can arrange for some semi
>space of our own.

Two organizations come to mind:

Then Danbury (CT) Railway Museum. They are connected to Metro North, and
already have some ex-PC equipment. (Some painted NH, some painted PC.) They
also store equipment for other organizations.

The Central NY Chapter of NRHS, in Syracuse, NY. They are located at the NY
State Fairgrounds, and have some ex-PC equipment in their collection. (A
GG-1 and a NYC bay window caboose.) They are connected to CSX.

Both organizations are prosperous, and stable.

Peter King in NY


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