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Re: PC: PC C424 2415

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Steve Vargo wrote:

>  Screw the S1. This Alco is the one we should be saving. The only question
> is, in the far outside chance we can save it, where will we put it?
>  It's not exactly the easiest thing to put on the lawn.

I agree, the C-424 is an important find and should be pursued if possible. Only
thing better that I can think of would be the 636 :)

Obviously the first order of business before we can even think about
being able to preserve equipment is to secure some type of agreement with a
stable organization which has some sort of connection to an active railroad who
could store our equipment for us until we can arrange for some semi permanent
space of our own.

We need benefactors willing to put up front money to get some of this ex-PC
equipment while the gettin's good. IMHO anything in danger of imminent
scrapping should take precedence, especially the final remaining ex-PC

Talk is all well and good, but we need funds for aquisition, movement and
storage ASAP.

Some type of cooperative agreement with an existing museum, NRHS chapter,
historical society or RR looks really good right about now. If we purchase some
equipment we need to boilerplate whatever agreements we make for storage so
there's no way we can lose that equipment short of not forking over money for

There are obviously a number of pieces of desirable ex-PC equipment out there,
the relevant question is whether or not we can mobilize the troops to scare up
enough resources to make something happen.

Over the next 10 years we'll be seeing a lot of ex-PC goodies going to
scrappers, after that it will be mostly luck I think.

Has anyone compiled any type of list of existing ex-PC engines? I wouldn't mind
having a U33C or two, there has to be a few of those around. Geep 38 deals
should show up here and there. Ex-PRR, NYV and NH is fine with me, if it wore
PC paint it is fair game.

If was PC and we can buy it, move it and store it I say do it, even if we have
to go into hock. I'll put $1000 into the equipment fund, lets fast track some
PC preservation if we can.


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