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Re: PC: Anyone for an S-1?

<<<Maybe I'm missing the point here... 
If we're the "Penn Central" society, why would we be going after a
former L&N Alco?>>>

A free HH660 and S-1 can be traded for other PC material w/ someone
We don't have much time here. In several years, these things will be
gone. What will the society be getting in terms of rolling stock that
can run, 20-30 yrs. from now? 
The Reading RR hist. group is aquiring all they can get thier fingers on
as one day there will be none. Yes, it sits around and rusts until they
can do anything, but that will come in 50yrs. or so when all the
aquisitions have dried up.
Plus, w/ some work, they can be made running again, which makes it even
more valuable.
Like let's say trading w/ some $$ for a certain C-636 in California.

Some societies do this and just number it one up from wher the RR
stopped thier numbers. Thus showing the "fake" restoration. 

<<< If we're truly interested in preserving Penn Central history, we
ought to be chasing down GP38s, SD40s, SD45s, SD38s, etc., that the PC
bought new.>>>

Only stuff the PC bought new?
We shall have quite a small and expensive group of aquisitions. 

 <<<Or freight cars that the PC bought new or are still wearing PC
colors would be items for preservation. I think if the Society is going
to get into the preservation business, we will need to keep our focus on
what it is we are trying to preserve.>>>

Agreed, we will have to discuss this further next year.
Also, maybe find someone willing to store this stuff if we are ever
offered a real gem.


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