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Re: PC: Anyone for an S-1?

At the Nat'l NYCRR Museum we have started restoing a caboose 
ex-NYC baywindow, forgot the model. It made all the way into 
Conrail. We have been slowly stripping off paint to expose the 
old cigar band logo. There are four layers of paint on top of it 
two of those from the PC era. Both of which are different shades 
of green. Thought you'd like to know.

For my two cents worth. 

1. Before you start worrying about obtaining equipment you need 
to procure a site to store it preferably under some kind of 
cover. (Our GG1 in PC has taken a beaten in the one year it has 
been repainted) If at all possible get some place connected to 
an active rail line.

2. We would love to have an S1, or an RS 11 requardless of its 
heretage particularly if it ran. We have the space to use it to 
move some of our equipment around, and of course it would be 
painted in NYC colors with a plaque denoting its heretage.

That's all


Were there any "pure" PC cabeese?  Those PRR/NYC guys would go nuts if we
painted something green.
On the other hand, it always drove me nuts that none of the Western Maryland
diesels that have been preserved are in speedlettering.  They were delivered
with the fireball scheme, which only lasted till 1956, the scheme they spent
most of their lives in is not represented.
The only reason to pursue the S-1 would be if it is fully operational for
potential excursion use.  As a static display it would be meaningless as
part of a PC collection
It would have been nice to pick a caboose up 10 years ago when they were
giving them away.

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