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Re: PC: Anyone for an S-1?

Were there any "pure" PC cabeese?  Those PRR/NYC guys would go nuts if we
painted something green.
On the other hand, it always drove me nuts that none of the Western Maryland
diesels that have been preserved are in speedlettering.  They were delivered
with the fireball scheme, which only lasted till 1956, the scheme they spent
most of their lives in is not represented.
The only reason to pursue the S-1 would be if it is fully operational for
potential excursion use.  As a static display it would be meaningless as
part of a PC collection
It would have been nice to pick a caboose up 10 years ago when they were
giving them away.
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>Another thought of a purchase and restoration project on a lesser scale.
>If we were to purchase something to restore. A caboose might be a nice
>and affordable project to begin with. It could easily be purchased and
>restored by donations from society members. Something to think about for
>the future. Where it would be kept is another question.
>Something to add to next years convention agenda meeting. What our goals
>actually are.

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