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RE: PC: Anyone for an S-1?

Sorry, but I beleive the only S1 was the 6-4-4-6. All others just stole the

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Lon Godshall wrote:

> This is truly a shame, as we are almost to young as a society to deal w/
> such major aquisitions so soon.

Maybe I'm missing the point here...

If we're the "Penn Central" society, why would we be going after a
former L&N Alco? If we're truly interested in preserving Penn Central
history, we ought to be chasing down GP38s, SD40s, SD45s, SD38s, etc.,
that the PC bought new. Or freight cars that the PC bought new or are
still wearing PC colors would be items for preservation. I think if
the Society is going to get into the preservation business, we will
need to keep our focus on what it is we are trying to preserve.

Just my two cents...


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