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PC: Anyone for an S-1?

This is truly a shame, as we are almost to young as a society to deal w/
such major aquisitions so soon.
Any have a "really big" back yard?


Relco, a locomotive broker located in Minooka, Illinois, has announced
that they have an Alco S1, currently numbered RE-718, available for
donation. The S1 was originally purchased by the Louisville & Nashville
Railroad as their number 61.
The unit later worked for Occidental Chemical in Niagara Falls, New
York, before the unit's generator failed, sidelining it and eventually
causing its return to Minooka, Illinois.
Relco has made the unit available to any non-profit organization or
group that may be interested in acquiring it. If interested, please
contact Relco at 800-435-6091. 

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