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PC: PC C424 2415

I received this message from Mark Mathu, who maintains a Green Bay &
Western web site. He had some news about former PC C424 2415, which I
thought I'd pass along to the list. The 2415 was also significant in
that it was the only C424 that the PRR owned.


Mark Mathu wrote:
> I'm a Green Bay & Western fan -- I grew up near the main line which went
> from Green Bay to the Lake Michigan carferry slips in Kewaunee, WI -- and
> maintain a GB&W web site: http://members.nbci.com/gb_route/.  I don't know
> if you area aware of this, but the PC and the GB&W share a common link.
> Penn Central Alco C-424 #2415 (later PC #2474) was sold to the GB&W in the
> spring of 1980 after being rebuilt in Hornell NY.  The GB&W was an all-Alco
> railroad with several other C-424's on the roster, so it was a natural fit.
> The GB&W was purchased by the Wisconsin Central in 1993 and the Alco fleet
> were deemed surplus and sold off.  Ex-PC #2415 wound up on the Caddo,
> Antoine and Little Missouri Railroad in Arkansas.  A proposed deal to sell
> the loco to the New York Regional Railroad fell through last year, and it
> looks like the PC #2415 may be facing the scrappers torch (if it hasn't
> already).
> I just wanted to share this photo of GBW #319 (ex-PC #2415) with you:
> http://members.nbci.com/gb_route/1999319.htm
> It looks like the end of another PC locomotive.
> - Mark Mathu
> Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

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