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PC: RE601 (was PC 9411 anyone?) and other OT news


Jim Hebner wrote:

I think it is in Troy Ohio

Lon Godshall wrote:

> Relco has announced that they have yet another Alco HH660 switcher ready
> to go to any non-profit Railroad Historical group as a donation. Relco
> HH660 RE602, is the former Elgin Joliet and Eastern 210.

The HH660 at Troy OH is RE601 (see http://albums.photopoint.com/j/ViewPhoto?u=297499&a=2216902&p=17374242) a former MILW unit.  To be sure they hadn't switched locomotives on me I just went out and checked.  It was busy kicking cars.

The grain facility there is known locally as Eldean and as I was driving back I noticed that CSX had replaced the old B&O style position signal just north of Eldean Road with a new color-light signal.  I found some signal maintainers at the signals just north of Adams Street and they said that those signals were not going to be replaced until next spring.  They were installed in 1952.  Sorry for the off topic material, but maybe someone might like to know.

Mike B

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