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Re: PC: PC 9411 anyone?

I think it is in Troy Ohio

Jim Hebner

Lon Godshall wrote:
> Got this from the web.
> Anyone have a big back yard willing to be donated to the PCRRHS?
> We shall figure how to paint it later....
> The oldest alco the PC ever owned was 9411 HH660.
> Lon
> fwd...............
> Relco has announced that they have yet another Alco HH660 switcher ready
> to go to any non-profit Railroad Historical group as a donation. Relco
> HH660 RE602, is the former Elgin Joliet and Eastern 210.
> Like the Buffalo Creek unit, the only expenses that a group would incur
> is that of shipping of the friction bearing trucks to its new home and
> the return of the loaner roller bearing trucks.

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