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Re: PC: Montreal Secondary

Benson Mines on the Newton Falls branch, now closed..

Current operations include a pair of CN-runthrough trains, a pair of
Selkirk-Montreal trains, locals at 4 points, and extra acid, military and
coal trains.  There's no real intermodal but some auto racks do go through.
Lots of lumber and pulpwood/paper traffic.   The route today includes some
former CN track in NY and rights on CN in Canada.

Some of the traffic that came off this line actually during Conrail was cut
out at Dewitt and went via Buffalo and the Southern Tier to the former LV
Lehigh Secondary, not sure where it goes now to get there though.   I
suspect that in PC days it may have gone down the D&H though.

Bill K.

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> In Conrail days there was a train in the 90s CNSE/SECN that brought
> traffic to Selkirk.  It was/is a bridgeline connection I would guess to
> CN traffic to the NYC markets.
> I would suspect that's what PC used it for as well.  Weren't there mines
> between Syracuse and Watertown that New York Central served?
> A Olsen

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