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PC: Penn Central Railroadiana For Convention

Hello Penn Central fans attending the PCRRHS Convention,

I'll be offering several Penn Central Railroadiana items for trade/sale
at the Friday evening Flea Market.

Three books will be offered for trading only, they are, an original copy
of the book, A Sampling of Penn Central by Jerry Taylor, Penn Central
Power by Robert Yanosey and the Penn Central Bi-Annual by Robert Reid.
There's also be a real nice size 45 Penn Central Conductors jacket.
Anyone attending the convention that's interested in any of these items,
can contact me before the convention to see what items I'd consider for
a trade. Sorry, I don't do any modeling, only Penn Central Railroadiana.

I'll also have several items for sale, others will be selling Penn
Central things too, so bring along a few extra bucks, here's a good
chance to add to your Penn Central collections.

It sounds like Gary Farmer has a full agenda of fun planned for us next
week at the convention, I'm really looking forward to this one!

Getting away from work is needed too!


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