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RE: PC: Re: Want A GG1?

Yeah some people gotta rain on everybody's party :)  If I had the 15 grand
for the locomotive, I'd FIND the rest of the money to put her in place in my

Don Narris--Canton, Ohio

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$15k is only for starters.  Don't forget the cost of burning all the PCB
transformer oil in an EPA-approved incinerator with 99.9999% efficiency,
transportation costs, and rental of the track to park your new paperweight
on.  If you actually wanted to RUN the locomotive on railfan trips (assuming
AMTRAK would let you), you'd have to rebuild the electrical system to use
the voltage and frequency of the current now being used.

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>D.F. Barnhardt has a GG1 for sale in their latest catalog. For just
>$15,000 you can have Amtrak 4932 (PRR 4909).
>Bryan Turner
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