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PC: Re: Convention flea market

<<<Hi Guys, 
Just in case anyone is interested. At the flea market aspect of our
convention, I will have for sale numerous original and duplicate slides
of Penn Central locomotives, as well as color and b&w photos of PC
locos, cabooses and rolling stock. I will also have PRR, NYC and NH
duplicate slides for sale.>>>

You guys are gonna run me dry that weekend. $$$  :~)
Bring all you can Mark.

<<<I will also have display copies of a couple of the volumes of the
Penn Central All-Time Freight Car roster that I have been working on for
the last 6 years.>>>

Wow! Just a copy? Are you listing copies for sale? 
Bring a few extras if you can.

<<<Hopefully there will be something of interest for you. 
See you there.>>>

I can't wait. Only one week left.


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