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Re: PC: PC Lettering Style

   After purchasing the font myself, I noticed that there were only a couple 
of "glitches" with the font as opposed to the actual PC font.  As far as I 
can tell, the lettering (A-Z) is dead-on.  No alterations needed at all.  
Mind you, only upper-case (capitals) is ever needed and you must change the 
windows font option to bold and italic.  As for the numbers, only the number 
"1" has a problem.  The Bitstrem font has the little flag at the top of the 
number so it looks like the european version of the nuber "1".  The PC font 
is actually just a slanted line (/).  It is an easy fix... just use the 
capital letter "I" in place of the number "1" and you will have the complete 
set of PC numbers 0-9.  The only other glitch I found is with the ampersand 
(&).  It is hard to describe, but it is slightly "off".  It is close enough 
for me and really only concerns those who wish to model certain Peoria & 
Eastern equipment.
                                                   -Gregg B.

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>Subject: Re: PC: PC Lettering Style
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>Speaking of fonts and such, I couldn't find that other info on the
>slight glitches with the Square721 Bold Extended font compared to the
>official PC slant lettering. Sorry....I don't know what happened to it.
>However, it should work OK 99% of the time, so I wouldn't sweat it too
>Maybe if keeps raining in Ohio for the next few days I might actually
>get around to updating the PC web site again....
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