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Re: PC: PC Lettering Style

Steffan Forbes wrote:
>    I currently have the correct font and have used it to make correct
> decals.  It is the Square 721 Bold Extended BT and it is available from
> Bitstream.  Although I could technically give it to others on the list, I
> don't believe that I could do it legally.  I suppose that I would have to
> clear it with Jerry first...

Large binary postings (like font files) are blocked by the list server,
so sending to the list is out. Besides, the font file *is* only $25...

Speaking of fonts and such, I couldn't find that other info on the
slight glitches with the Square721 Bold Extended font compared to the
official PC slant lettering. Sorry....I don't know what happened to it.
However, it should work OK 99% of the time, so I wouldn't sweat it too

Maybe if keeps raining in Ohio for the next few days I might actually
get around to updating the PC web site again....


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