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Re: PC: PC china?

My dad was bestowed with most of the trinkets distributed by railroad reps,
as he was a traffic manager for plants in Ohio, West Virginia and Michigan.
I don't remember seeing the PC glasses specifically, but I know for a fact
he still has a set given out by Southern Railway, and a few odds and ends
from others.  Odds are your tumblers never had any mileage on them, other
than to ride around in the trunk of a salesman's car.  Nice piece to have,
though.  The only PC goodies that made it to my collection are a metroliner
tie tack, which needs to be resilvered, a 3' pocket tape measure, and a
Metroliner paperweight.  My prize is a porcelain tie bar with a PRR GG1 on

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Subject: Re: PC: PC china?

>I asked this a year ago and got only a bunch of offers to buy them.  I have
>four heavy tumblers with the PC logo in black on clear glass.  Looks good
>official but I want to know their origin and value.  Again,  as last year,
>they are a part of my personal PC collection and not for sale or trade.
>Thanks,  Gene Dent

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