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Re: PC: Trademarks

>How is it that the "Penn Central" name and logo, as well as those of the
>predecessor roads, remained with American Premiere Underwriters instead
>of being passed along to Conrail?
>     JW

I believe that all of the Conrail constituent RRs kept their trademarks after
selling most of their rail assets to the US Government. Only rail assets were
conveyed to the government, not corporate identities. Erie Lackawanna, Lehigh
Valley, as well as Penn Central (name now changed) existed long after CR. These
companies had vast non-rail holdings (mainly PC) in real estate, as well as in
other ventures that did not become part of CR. Also, many rail lines were not
picked-up as part of CR. For instance, PC/then APU, owned the Hudson and Harlem
Divisions, as well as Grand Central Terminal.

Jim Torgeson

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