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PC: New PC Tape Coming Soon

As most of you know, Green Frog has available an excellent two video tape
set of Penn Central action, mostly filmed in Michigan & Ohio. They have
volume two coming out soon, here is some info I received about it:

"Penn Central - called Penn Central Vol2, one hour of footage from Emery
Gulash from 16mm film transfered with the highest quality.

This tape covers action in the years - 1971 & 1972. You visit Chicago, Ohio,
and Michigan, including Detroit, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Niles, Toledo,
Jackson, Carlton, and back to Chicago.

There is Passenger and Freight action, equipment still painted in New York
Central colors and logos. You see the beginning of Amtraks takeover of
passenger service, new and old locos such as GP 40-2's, GE U25C's, E-units,
Turbo Trains, Budd Rail cars and more..."

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