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PC: PC Gons

I spotted a couple of PC gons today in Athens, Alabama on a siding on
CSX. I think they were being used in scrap tie service.

The first car was NYC 598235. This green car was very rusted. The large
red and white worms were barely visible, with "Penn Central" written
under the worms. This G44A has a BLT date of 5-68.

The second car was NYC 592076. This green car, also very rusty, had small
white worms. The car was stencilled to show ownership by C.I.T.
Corporation. (The first car had the generic ownership filed with I.C.C.
lettering.) This G45 had a BLT date of 5-70.

There was also a total rust/black or brown G44 there with no sign of PC
on it. This car was NYC 442494. I think this one was a pre-PC car from

Bryan Turner

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