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PC: FM H-12-44

> I have some questions in regards to PC's FM H-12-44 switchers. I know

> that both the PRR and NYC had these switchers. However, any

> information that I can get on these engines is limited to the PC Power

> book. From what I can tell, all the ex-NYC H-12-44's were of the

> early type (Loewys styled) and all the ex-PRR ones were the late (boxy)

> type. Is this really the case?

The NYC H-12-44's were all Loewys from late 1950-early 1951. PRR bought their units in late 1952 and early 1954.

PRR 8711-8723 became PC 8327-8339; PRR 8708-8710 became PC 8340-8342.

NYC 9114-9120 became PC 8303-8309; NYC 9111-9113 didn't make it to PC.

Bryan Turner

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