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PC: PC Fairbanks-Morse H-12-44's...

   I have some questions in regards to PC's FM H-12-44 switchers.  I know 
that both the PRR and NYC had these switchers.  However, any information 
that I can get on these engines is limited to the PC Power book.  From what 
I can tell, all the ex-NYC H-12-44's were of the early type (Lowey styled) 
and all the ex-PRR ones were the late (boxy) type.  Is this really the case? 
  The early type had sloped fairings on the battery boxes and an overhanging 
roof over the rear platform (like earlier H-10-44's).  The ex-PRR ones also 
appear to be the only ones with MU capabilities.  Perhaps someone can give 
me a list of PC's H-12-44's showing which style they were.  Also, I would 
also like to know which ones survived into 1970 and 1971, where the last one 
died.  Any help appreciated.
                                                            -Gregg B.

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