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PC: Re: PC RPO,Final run car Nos.

In a message dated Tue, 22 Aug 2000  9:01:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time, PKMac1 writes:

<< Dave and List. Here are the RPO car numbers for ea train courtesy Frank Scheer. Dave can you find 6546 or 6536 on the car you saw? Then we know for sure.

Pat McKinney
  Hi Pat and group,

   I was just on vacation and unfortunatly it was not a train fan vacation. I have to go out Saturday morning and drive by the yard where the RPO is, so I'll stop and try to take a closer look at it. I haven't been able to get back there these past 2 weeks, sorry. so I should be able to e-mail you the results sat or sun.
   Have a good day all,   Dave Hall


     Train 3:

     PC 6546 - NYC TO WDC
     PC 6536 - NYC TO BALTIMORE, car shopped
    These are from copies of the final trip reports.

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