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Re: PC: Re: coal hoppers

--- Lon Godshall <longodshall -AT- webtv.net> wrote:
> Paul:
> <<<Greetings, 
> Penn Central yellow
> hoppers from the Peabody Coal Company> 

> Lon:
> If you can get me reporting marks, I can check ORER.
> Lon,
Thanks for your reply! 
Reporting marks were PCCX. Further more, these cars
resemble the 50' Thrall High Side gondola from Model
Die Casting. If these are a starting point for my
project, please advise of their visual quality. I
don't mind shaving off molded parts to replace with
finer ones. As for decals, I guess I could make do
with dementional data and alaphabet letter kits.
Again Thanks to all PC fans!!

Paul Patalano

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