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    I am working "OT" again...have only been home about 3 whole days in the
last 2 1/2 weeks..!! (including the CINCY trip)..
     Worked last nite also...then drove up to the "tower" at noon to do some
lsst minute renovatins (read: "straighten the building with block &
tackle".!!)before the public unveiling on SUNDAY at the Mahoningtown Festival
      The twr is by no means ready to occupy or be used yet...There is still a
lot of lumber to renovate..stairs to the 2nd floor to build..windows to
installand of course later on..."paint"..!!  but she is standing and will be
the center of attraction hopefully when the activities begin on Sunday.  We
will be running a very short "pssgr train" (the NYG&ELECT CTR CAB..& DOC"s
PRR N5-C CABOOSE...) up & down the tracks for a short distance all day...
It will be the 1st pssge train of any type over those rails in about 50
yrs..!!.....a PRR CABIN....on PRR tracks.....going by a B&O tower...ya gotta
be there.....(I think I will be...if they quit shoving this "OT" down my
throat..!!  Drop me a note and I'll try to fill you in more tonite...PASS
this on th whomever you care to...all are welcome and encouraged to attend..!!
(It should start about 10 AM...and go till 8 PM...or so we're told...there are
other attractions in the town park for the rest of the family.....and we will
also have a chapter table there selling whatever comes along....some of our
"new" (you haven;t seen the "old ones" yet.....coffee mugs with the tower and
3 old CSX / B&O engines depicted on them... They're worth the drive...see

    ALL RECIPIENTS....please post everywhere....to personal friends and any
one who is or ever was....A PRR FAN...!!! (or NYC...B&O...EL...P&LE...SF.etc.)
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