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PC: Re: DCC only locos

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>  Wow!  DCC version standard on a new loco.  I don't like it, personally.
I've got too many locos to convert to DCC, and besides, the club on which I
operate ( PC theme, I might add ) is never going to be DCC.

 This latest shenanagin foisted on the model rail community by the
greed-heads at Atlas is a word which would cause Jerry to kick me off the
 I'm just too disgusted to comment any further.

Steve, et.al.,

I don't feel this is totally greed-based.  I think part of it is the
manufacturers responding to what they perceive the modelers want.

Checking Atlas' web site shows two products which PC modeling fans should
take note of.  In N scale there will be three SD-35's.  Stock # 49436 will
be PC road # 6018
with a red "P" and will be analog (non DCC).  The DCC version of the same
loco is stock # 49492.  Stock # 49437 will be PC 6031, regular worms (DCC
= 49493).  Stock # 49438 will be PC pnt - no road # and no DCC version.
MSRP is $ 89.95  DCC versions are $ 124.95  Due out in October.
HO modelers and PC fans should be on the lookout for GP-38's.  Stock number
8976 will be PC road number 7754.  Stock # 8977 will be PC 7786.  Stock #
8978 will be pntd. PC, no road number.  The DCC slant on these units is
that they come with "smart" decoders.  They will run out-of-the-box on
analog power, the same as any other Atlas loco.  On DCC power, the decoder
responds to a transmitter (?) addressed to the last two digits of the road
number.  Due out in September, the MSRP is $ 129.95.

If you are dead-set on having any of these, hook up with a dealer so that
you will get them held for you.  Runs will be out-of-stock fast.  Gone are
the days when a product hung around for years, and could be bought anytime.

One last thought. If you don't want to pay to have your loco's DCC ready,
then it falls on your shoulders to write/e-mail the manufacturers and let
them know how many modelers are not on the DCC/NMRA bandwagon.
Likewise, if you want more products painted for PC, then let them know
that, too.


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