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PC: Re: DCC only locos

Wow!  DCC version standard on a new loco.  I don't like it, personally.
I've got too many locos to convert to DCC, and besides, the club on which I
operate ( PC theme, I might add ) is never going to be DCC.  I would have
to go through the gyrations of converting it to conventional 12v DC.
The news that Atlas is going to release the loco with DCC standard probably
fits in their marketing strategy to release their own version of DCC.  ( I
wasn't aware that it would be DCC as standard, and I work part time in a
hobby shop!  Hmmmmm.  40 lashes with a DCC instruction manual, and as huge
as they are, that will hurt.  )  I predict some upset customers when they
find out that this is the way it comes, or upset hobby dealers when they
have to convert the loco before the customer will buy it.

Robin L. Harris

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