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PC: semaphore

Hello group,

        I took a little drive this afternoon to check out the old draw bridge 
in Tiverton, RI. I had never checked it out before, or the old rail bed in 
that area. When I got to the bridge, I saw a signal just before it, and was 
surprised to find it as a Semaphore! I was wondering if they might still be 
on that old branch, since it hasn't seen service in like 20 yrs maybe??? It 
was great to see it, and I took a few pics of it. I only remember signals on 
the shoreline as I was growing up. It was an extra surprise to find it 
standing there, along with all the piping running along the ground to it. 
        I guess the old " tower", SS Q-382, stood along the banks of the 
river and controled the signal and the draw bridge? Unfortunatly, the 
building has been burned. There are electrical boxes on the wall and a handle 
to operate the signal or the bridge perhaps, still standing in the front 
corner in it's full metal stand. I had never really seen the pipe workings 
for the semaphore signals before either up close like today. Also there is an 
old switch stand just east of the signal at where the track went double, or a 
siding. Hard to tell with the new house and property encroaching onto the 
        I will send the pics to Jerry to post if you'd like to see them. All 
in all a good day railfanning.                Dave Hall

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