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PC: decal source !

Hello List Members ,
I'm new to the list , just joining this evening , I am a PC modeler from the
Pittsburgh area . My father was an employee of the PC as well as a PRR and
CR member . I am writing because I'm in need of PC decals . During
conversations with Champ , they tell me they are out of PC in HO and won't
be producing any more . Some one in th CR list gave me a name but I have
been having problems with the e-mail address . I'm in need of caboose and
box car decals , possible some flats all in HO .  I would appreciate any
info I could get about a source . Please feel free to contact me at :
michaelhmel -AT- bigplanet.com so as not to clog the mailing list up . I look
forward to conversing with the members of this list  about a topic thats
dear to me , the PC . Again............
Thanks ,

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