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PC: Re: PC RPO, preservation

Pete and the Guys. 
    The 6546 is a start. Check my e-mail from 8-9 and it says that the SB had 
2 B60B's,2 BM70's( BM70M or BM70MA).The NB had 2 B60B's,2 BM85's. One of the 
BM85's was 6597. This is simalar to the Atlas N-scale RPO.
  We now know two of the four RPO's. All headend equipment was PRR. The two 
coaches are unknown at this time. I have a friend working on the consist of 
and NO.3 SB. One car of the SB train 3 was set off at Baltimore for no lights 
if I remember.

Pat McKinney

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