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PC: Re: PC RPO, preservation

According to a picture in December 1977 Railfan, one of the two last RPOs on
the southbound run was PC 6546. No word on what the other was. All 4 cars
(two RPO, two mail storage) were in fresh PC green, and were pulled by GG-1

Peter King in NY

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> If the car that is stored at Providence could likely be one of the last
> in which revenue mail was carried on a RPO in the US.  The two cars(one SB
> to Wash. DC, one NB to NYCy) which were used for this event were repainted
> in fresh PC paint for the event in 1977.
> If this car is one of the last two cars which ended 120+ years of RPO
> service in the US it does indeed deserve preservation as well as the car
> if it survives.
> Could someone help me and others to find information on the last two cars
> which were used in this service.    What I know I had posted up above.
> Thanks for you help,
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