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John,Lon & List.
  I don't have a Amtk register to cross refference numbers. I do have a 
Conrail Master car register for most MW equip. Not 100%,but most times I can 
find what's needed. I did find one article in the NRHS BULLETIN the at least 
tells us the NB train NO.4 had GG1 901, 2 B-60's, 2 BM85's and a amtk coach. 
SB train NO.3 had GG1 4935,2 B-60B's, 2 BM70's and a amtk coach. Its 
states...."Not only did the 4935 look beautiful but the four headend cars 
seemed right out of the paint shop in Penn Central green complete with PC 
lettering and insignias." There is another write up somewhere but I can not 
  I have one more source that may be able to give all car numbers unless Dave 
finds the PC no. under the amtk no. painted on it now.There use to be a RPO 
in full PC dress under the High Line at 30th St. station but it moved out 
some years ago.


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