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Re: PC: equipment in MOW service

Last evening, in Hornell NY, there was a work train full of ties for west of 
Hornell on the NS Southern Tier line.  The train was a B23-7 in CR blue and 
a GP40-2 in CR blue on the opposite end of a long string of gons.  The gons 
were a mix of orange NS MofW cars and ex - Conrail grey cars.  In the midst 
of these were several ex - Penn Central Fruehauf - built gons from way back 
in 1968.  Some of these had originally wore the red "p" white "c" logo.  
Unfortunately, the ravages of time have rendered even the green paint almost 
totally unrecognizable.  Sure miss the old PC days, though.  It may have 
been a tough road, but it was a good railroad in terms of diverse traffic 
and motive power.
Jim Kosty

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