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Re: PC: equipment in MOW service

May being seeing use as MW clean up,,just never got clean out. That was 
nothing new,CR would want an area cleaned but would let the cars sit around 
for a while. We would always be want clean cars for matl. & scrap but would 
get donn't have any available. Guess they thought they were saving money by 
not getting them cleaned out at the dump site.
 Most of the CR gons for MW were marked MW on a yellow band at the end where 
the car number was. The rest were supposed to be revenue gons. Even though 
revenue gons were used for some things they tried to use their own marked MW 
cars. So most of the PC green cars were revenue incl the high side 90 & 100 
ton gons although some were repainted CR MW gray.

Pat McKinney

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