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Re: PC: equipment in MOW service

CSX seems to have stuck a cut of what appear to be bad-order cars on the
"Peat Street Lead" which used to be the original passenger mainline through
Syracuse, what's left of it.   There could be some PC cars here, and a lot
of the ones I can see are fading from CR brown, back to black.   I caught a
glimpse of one gon with 4-6 foot high plants growing out of it, so the stuff
isn't seeing much use.  Trouble is it's hard to see any of this stuff from
the highway nearby going along at 65 -

Bill K.

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> The ex-PC gons that I saw around Pittsburgh were mostly on the now-CSX/NS
> lines near Homestead. However, I was too far away to get the numbers.
> Also, last week, I saw an ex-PC flatcar near the Sandcastle water park
> Pittsburgh. It was still in green. The car was in a cut of coil-steel cars
> near one of the old mills.
> --Chris

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