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Re: PC: PC GP30

I've got a shot of 2214 on my web site at http://www.trainweb.org/randysrr/

the   specific photo is at
its from the CR era but still in PC paint. hope it helps
Randy Mower

"Samuel L. Reynolds" wrote:

> To members of the list,
> As a modeler of the Lehigh Valley Railroad I have recently learned that
> the Valley leased three Penn Central GP30s (2211, 2213, 2214) during
> 1972 due to the power shortage that resulted when the Valley took over
> operations of the CNJ in Pennsylvania.  I would very much like to model
> these three locomotives, and would like to locate slides/photos to
> assist me.  Does anyone have slides/photos of these specific
> locomotives, or know of a source where they could be obtained.  I will
> gladly cover the cost of reproduction and mailing.  Thanks in advance
> for any assistance.
> Sam Reynolds

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