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Re: PC: Re: Where did everybody go?

>I still miss the old P&LE U-boats; on the Pittsburgh-Aliquippa stretch of
>the line, I saw damn near everything in the late 70's/80s; old B&O painted
>Geeps, ex-Frisco(!) units, WM-painted stuff, the Pattrain F-unit taking the
>demo train up the Montour, the old Montour Yard at Coraopolis, P&LE and
>Chessie bay-windows, BQ23-7s and Geep-30s serving as road slugs...

I miss the old ex-PC E-units at the PRR station, the Chessie SD's, black CR 
engines, PCC streetcars...I could go on and on...

--Chris Osterhus
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