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PC: Re: P&LE

PLE knew the coming of CR and tried to avoid them by going independent. All
their power was sent back to leasors and bought second hand power from GT in
the form of GP38
s and some SW-1500's. I believe these were also number 1500's. They failed
as B&M another CR road did until GTI then took over and made a mess of
things as now. Jerome

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> >When PC took over the P&LE, was that when all their GP7s were renumbered?
> Not according to Bob Reid's PC System Bi-Annual, page 133.  PC originally
> assigned numbers in the 5600 - 5900 series.  The engines were, however,
> renumbered into the 1500 series before 1973.
> I do not remember the circumstances behind P&LE's independence (and do not
> have the reference books that would say).  However, NYC (and successor PC)
> owned most, but not all, of the P&LE stock.  PC's failure to absorb P&LE
> have been more of a matter of PC's inability to buy out the remaining
> shares, rather than P&LE's insistence on becoming independent.
> Gary Stuebben
> Dayton, OH

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