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Re: PC: P&LE Geeps and such

 Sometime during the dark PC days the P&LE had a choice to breakaway or stay 
with the PC.At that time it looked like the wise thing to do. They dropped us 
( the PC) like a hot potato. Well in the 76 now they wanted trackage rights 
over the same railroad they once had.Then in 82 when when the bottom dropped 
out. CR was still running trains because they didn't have all there eggs in 
one basket.As we all know now that was the pretty much the end of the the 
Little Giant.I feel they got what they wanted and deserved.I feel sorry for 
the employee's but they they all wanted away from the PC so bad.
 I also rode the cab 1501 going east. J&L was all but shut down and 2 rows of 
A&S engines in storage.

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