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PC: P&LE Geeps and such

I got a chance to ride in the 1501 during the last few weeks of the commuter 
train to College, Pa. back in the eighties.  A friend and I borded the train 
at the P&LE Pittsburg station, and were hoping to get some pictures enroute. 
  The conductor noticed our cameras and asked if we were railroad 
enthusiasts, and of course, we said yes.  He took us back to the rear car 
vestibule and let us take pictures out the dutch doors and the rear over the 
gate.  It was before they demolished the J&L steel mill at Alliquippa, and 
when we passed by, there was a pair of SW1500s and a transfr caboose in the 
hole there.  At Monaca, the conductor spoke to us, and I told him that I had 
been an engineer for the NYS&W - he then radioed the engineer and asked him 
if we could ride the remaining miles to College in the cab!  It was great 
fun walking up to the GP-7 and riding the line through Beaver Falls and the 
short few miles to the end of the run at College.  I sure miss the Geeps.  I 
have one question - the U28Bs were delivered in full NYC regalia with the 
P&LE intials below the cab road number.  I have seen pictures that reveal 
the same units, still apparently during their NYC years, with the NEW YORK 
CENTRAL words painted out on the sides, but retaining the road number, P&LE 
initials, and their NYC cigar band nose logos.  When was this, and why?  Was 
this after the PC merger, and were they trying to show their autonomy and 
solvency by doing this?
Jim Kosty
Corning NY

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