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PC: RE: Fw: #9951

There's a copy of a photo I took of 9951 on my web site at
http://www.trainweb.org/randysrr/    go to the Conrail Section and look under RS3m's
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Subject: PC: Fw: #9951

The photo of #9951 is now posted at:
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Subject: PC: Re: #9951

There is an RS-3m (#5230) with low nose on page 117 of Yanosey's Penn Central Power book.
Also, I have a photo of 9951 taken from the short hood end that I can post if it would be helpful.
If my memory is correct, PC Railroader magazine ran an article on Mingo Jct., but I don't know what issue it was.
Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH
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Subject: PC: #9951

I want to model RS 3m # 9951 with the low short hood. Does anyone have or know of a source of photos to do this project?
Also is there a book or magazine articles on the PC in and around Mingo Junction, and the steel industry?

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