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Re: PC: U25B Penn Central Logo....oops

Not as impossible as one might think.  I have seen a Conrail ballast car 
that was lettered with large CR - stle lettering "CORNAIL".  I have also 
seen an Erie Lackawanna Baldwin roadswitcher where the hood doors had been 
changed out and it read "ERIRIE LACKAWANNA".  Also, there was a Seaboard 
Coast Line U25C in Hornell for rebuilding to go to Mexico in the late 
seventies that read "SEABOR LICOASLINE" on its side.  I also saw another PC 
U25B that read "PENN PENN" on the sides, with no logo, as was often the 
scheme applied, if any in the seventies.
I remember being at Himrod in early CR days in upstate NY.  A local with an 
ex - PC U25B had a blue battery box door, while the rest of the unit was 
black.  Then a northbound came by, and it had a blue U25B with a black 
battery box door bearing the former NYC number of the other U25B with the 
blue door!  What were the chances of seeing them like that?  Also, some Erie 
Lackawanna SD45 got the same treatment with a traction motor blower buldge 
off another EMD where the maroon and yellow stripes were several inches 
lower than on the main carbody.  There was also a Fruit Growers Express 
reefer out there that had "SOLID CLOD" on its side, instead of the intended 
slogan "Solid Cold".  Where there's a human touch, there's somehow soon to 
be mistakes.  It sure keeps things interesting!
Jim Kosty

>It is possible that they took the doors from another unit and put it on
>this unit...Alot of this happened in PC days....they would take doors
>that were damaged off of a unit and put good doors from another unit on
>it.  Just a guess on my part....couldnt imagine a shop person letting the
>unit out with misapplied logo like the one shown in the picture...
>On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Kevin Lehman wrote:
> > Check out the logo they put on this U25B it`s on
> >wrong.
> >
> >http://community-2.webtv.net/KEVINLEHMAN/U25BPennCentralLogo/
> >
> >
> >
> >=====

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