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PC: PC technical information request (fwd)

Greetings fellow listers,

The following message came to me as part of the various "fan mail" I
receive as webmaster of the Penn Central Railroad Home Page.
Unfortunately, this request has me stumped, so I'm hoping that one or
more of you might have information that could help these people out.
I believe they are looking primarily for info on the blue and yellow
MTA paint scheme that the FL9s wore during the 1970s.

For those of you who have been with us for a while, these are the same
people who manufacture the FL9 models in HO scale that were discussed
here a number of months ago.


Branford Hobbies wrote:

> NEW HAVEN TERMINAL is the manufacturing division of BRANFORD HOBBIES.
> We are presently working on a line of HO scale model engines, including
> some accurate representations of PC equipment.  Because a high
> level of accurate detail is desired, we are looking for color
> information regarding these various pieces of equipment.
> Specifically, the EMD FL9, as used and painted for PC is the
> subject of this inquiry.  There were several variations,
> the schemes of which we are familiar.  Knowledge about the EXACT colors
> used in these schemes is needed.  Can you advise us regarding this
> matter?  Can we get paint samples in any form?  Is there a publication
> or an individual expert we should be in contact with?
> Any time rendered in behalf of this request is appreciated.  Respond via
> Email or call us at Branford Hobbies (203) 488-9865.  Ask for Neil or
> Mark.

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