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Re: PC: Orangeville closing?

Orangeville closed in the early '80s.  As far as its function, it served 
everything you mentioned.  Some of the tracks had wires for electric engines. 
 There were hostler jobs around the clock called change-off crews.  They also 
stabled engines for local freights around Baltimore and as far as the Pope's 
Creek Secondary Track.  They used to keep 4-axle EMD's to put on Morgantown 
and Chalk Point coal trains in the days when 6-axles were prohibited on the 
Pope's Creek, before about 1981.  In PC days these were usually GP30's or 
35's although I saw GP9's, GP9B's and Alco RS11's as well.  In later days 
they had some of the dual control GP38-2's that also saw use.  But never any 
U-boats or Alco Centuries.  In the mid '80's I used to ride past Orangeville 
on the train enroute my job in Philadelphia.  One of the enginemen I was 
riding with was from Baltimore and as we passed what was left of Orangeville, 
he quipped "They'll never close Orangeville; they NEED us!  How many of us on 
the railroad have made THAT comment!

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