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PC: Orangeville closing?

Title: Blank

Can anyone say about when the Orangeville engine facility was closed?  Was it Conrail or Penn Central that closed it?

Does anyone have pictures of the area they would like to share?

What was this facility's role for the RR? - Bayview switchers, Canton switchers, Baltimore freight? Baltimore tunnel helpers?  Northern Central?  Commuter?  Did it die with the steam locomotives? 

I recall as a little boy, early '70s my father took me up there to see a crane, maybe steam powered though I doubt it, getting turned on the turntable. It had a coaling tower standing back then; when did that drop? Also into the early '80s some MP54's in various PC and maybe PRR schemes sitting and rotting away.  The yard had facilities for electric.  The sanding towers remained into the late '80's and the shop building with the raised inspection rails, like the Harrisburg diesel shop, stood thru the mid '80's.  The lead and throat of the facility ducked under the B&O branch to Penn-Mary and lead to several warehouses and beyond the engine facility was a Merchant's Dispatch refrigerated warehouse, still standing.

The main line swept away from the engine facility and up a grade as it headed into town and Penn Station.  I saw many Conrail trains get a shove up that grade as they left Bayview, southbound.  What still remains is the bridge over Pulaski Highway, rt40, and fading through the overcoats is a classic "THE PENNSylv..." in futura font.  This is only viewable on the "west" side of the bridge.

-Conan Evans

Getting a little home sick down here in VA.



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