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PC: PC & pre electrics on display

 Recently, I was able to visit the National Museum of Transport in St.
Louis. They have a few items on display from PC's electric fleet.
 First and foremost is Amtrak GG1 4916. This was the renumbering, not it's
original. The Big G is fortunately in a shed, but definitely needs a lot of
attention. Both headlights are broken out, glass is missing, and there's a
lot of rust eating away the lower body. The Amtrak name is fading, and the
remnants of the PC name are starting to come through on the sides. The
edges/form of the PC worms are pretty visible on the front door. Also, the
fadings on the side are enough to cause wonder as if this was a Red P unit.
 There is also a P5 coupled to the G in the shed. Unfortunately it's in
worse shape than the G, and aside from the old sign explaining what it is,
there are no Pennsy markings.
 Fortunately, the NYC S unit on display is in the out and about area
(coupled to an old Milwaukee Road Bi-Polar). It's not moving, but has good,
solid paint on it and no rust. The roof-mounted electricals do look a bit
rough around the edges, and the third-rail shoes are broken, but all in all
it's still in good shape.
 A PC contemporary unit on display is Erie Lackawanna SD45 3607. It was
recently restored and repainted into gray and maroon from Conjob blue. It,
like the electrics, though, is only cosmetic. Funding and people are too
slim to make these units runable again.

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