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Re: PC: Pennsy Kitchen/Table Car Diner Sets

Bryan and others:

I do remember riding these sets on the Broadway Limited in the early days of
Amtrak (1972 or 1973).  The Amtrak Car Spotter, 2nd Edition (Waynor Publication, New York, 1973)
show four sets, number as follows:

8800 (dining room), ex PC 4610
8801 (dorm-kitchen), ex PC 4611
8802 (dining room), ex PC 4616
8803 (dorm-kitchen), ex PC 4617
8804 (dining room), ex PC 4620
8805 (dorm-kitchen), ex PC 4621
8806 (dining room), ex PC 4622
8807 (dorm-kitchen), ex PC 4623

PRR numbers were the same as PC.


Bengt MutÚn
muten -AT- reebie.com


lnrr -AT- juno.com wrote:

> Did any of the PRR dining car pairs make it to PC service, and if so did
> Amtrak run any?
> I visited the Art Train today, and two of the exhibit cars were one of
> these sets. It's in Shelbyville, Tennessee and will be heading to Athens,
> Georgia shortly.
> For those who haven't seen these, the set was an attempt to address the
> capacity problem of dining cars. These cars operated in a two car set.
> The kitchen was in one car and the other car was a table car. Since these
> cars were designed to always operate together the doorway between the
> cars was extra-wide to aid the servers.
> Bryan Turner
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